Katy Colvin

Currently pursing my graduate certificate in teaching. I'm trying to live life more free, love well, and chase brave whenever I can. Jesus changed my life. I love to eat. Let's be friends! 

foodstagram: @katyeatsclt

about this blog

Some of my favorite memories have been made around the table, sharing a good meal. Finding a new restaurant to try is like striking gold. Face-to-face conversation instead of texting? Priceless. 

 I am a major foodie. I spend hours looking up restaurants to try, recommendations, and making reservations. So, I've decided to share my experiences with you all, by highlighting only the places that are worth visiting. Time at the table is meant to be savored, not spent regretting your decision to visit the trendiest restaurant whose food is mediocre. Your time and money are valuable. In this busy world, our moments at the table should be meaningful. Every week, I'll be recommending at least one restaurant recommendation, that you can be sure has something excellent to offer. 

There's something sacred about gathering those you love around a meal, putting away your phones, and enjoying a conversation. Bonus points if the food is actually excellent, the atmosphere impressive, and the entire experience worthwhile.

I write about Jesus, because He is the one who continually teaches me to savor every moment of this life. Time at the table was important to Him. Community was important to Him. Loving people well was important to Him, so they are important to me. 

Every Friday, I'll be featuring a woman from this community who has a lot to offer. She might be a girl boss, YouTuber, fashion blogger, college student, or new mom. I believe we all have something to bring to the table. Shoot me an email and let me know what incredible things you're doing in your community, or recommend someone you know is doing awesome things. It doesn't matter how big your platform is, how big your sphere of influence. It doesn't matter your race, religion, ethnicity, or ideology, or any other qualifier we use to separate ourselves. You are ALL welcome here, so pull up a seat!